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Dementia Congress 2024

About Conference

Welcome to the 4th Annual Dementia Congress: Leading the Path to Understanding and Care
Event Date: November 26-27, 2024
Location: Paris, France
We are thrilled to invite you to the 4th Annual Dementia Congress, a transformative gathering of leading experts, researchers, caregivers, and advocates in the field of dementia care and research. This year, we are honored to host the congress in the picturesque city of Vancouver, Canada, where innovation and history converge to create the perfect backdrop for exploring the latest advancements in dementia understanding and care.
About the Congress: The Annual Dementia Congress has established itself as a premier platform for sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration, and accelerating progress in the realm of dementia research, treatment, and caregiving. As we enter our fourth year, we continue to dedicate ourselves to addressing the pressing challenges posed by dementia and neurodegenerative diseases.

Why Attend

1. Engaging Sessions: Immerse yourself in insightful keynote presentations, thought-provoking panel discussions, and interactive workshops led by renowned experts from around the world. Gain a deep understanding of the latest breakthroughs in dementia research and care strategies.
2. Networking Opportunities: Connect with fellow professionals, researchers, clinicians, and caregivers in the field of dementia. Share your experiences, exchange ideas, and establish valuable connections that could shape the future of dementia care.
3. Multidisciplinary Approach: Embrace the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of perspectives, from medical research and clinical practice to psychology, social work, and technology. Our congress encourages cross-disciplinary conversations to drive holistic solutions.
4. Caregiver Focus: Recognizing the crucial role of caregivers in the dementia journey, we offer specialized sessions tailored to their unique needs. Caregivers can access resources, support, and guidance to navigate the challenges they face.
5. Scientific Poster Session: Present your research findings and projects during our scientific poster session, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas and providing a platform for emerging researchers to showcase their work.
6. Parisian Inspiration: Experience the charm of Paris while attending the congress. From the iconic Eiffel Tower to the artistic treasures of the Louvre, the city's ambiance is sure to inspire and rejuvenate your mind.

Registration Details

Early bird registration opens on Feb 25, 2024, offering special rates for participants who register before July 28, 2024. Stay tuned for updates on registration fees, deadlines, and accommodation options. Register Now

Call for Speakers and Abstract Submissions

We invite experts, researchers, and practitioners to share their insights by presenting at the congress. Abstract submissions open on Feb 15, 2024, providing a platform for you to contribute to the collective knowledge.

Join Us in Paris

The 4th Annual Dementia Congress is more than an event; it's a collaborative endeavor to enhance our understanding of dementia and enhance the lives of those affected. We invite you to mark your calendars, spread the word, and join us in Paris, France for a congress that promises to inspire, educate, and drive positive change.
For inquiries, sponsorship opportunities, and updates, please visit Dementia Congress or contact us +447308310323. Let's work together to lead the path to better dementia understanding and care.
Together, we can make a difference.
Christina Walker
4th Annual Dementia Congress Organizer

Scientific Session

Track 1: Advances in Neuroimaging Techniques for Early Dementia Detection
Track 2: Neurodegenerative Disease Genetics and Risk Factors
Track 3: Biomarkers and Diagnostic Tools in Dementia Research
Track 4: Cognitive Reserve and its Role in Dementia Prevention
Track 5: Innovations in Alzheimer's Disease Drug Development
Track 6: Non-Pharmacological Interventions for Dementia Management
Track 7: Emerging Technologies for Cognitive Rehabilitation
Track 8: Frontotemporal Dementia: Clinical Insights and Management
Track 9: Vascular Dementia: Understanding Pathogenesis and Treatment
Track 10:  Holistic Approach to Geriatric Psychiatry and Dementia
Track 11: Ethical Considerations in Dementia Care and Research
Track 12: Caregiver Burnout: Strategies for Support and Resilience
Track 13: Nutrition and Lifestyle Interventions for Brain Health
Track 14: Sleep Disorders in Dementia: Assessment and Interventions
Track 15: Neuropsychiatric Symptoms in Dementia: Challenges and Solutions
Track 16: Person-Centered Care Models for Dementia Patients
Track 17: Enhancing Quality of Life for Individuals with Dementia
Track 18: Multilingual Assessment Tools for Cross-Cultural Dementia Research
Track 19: Music and Art Therapy in Dementia Care
Track 20: Role of Neuroinflammation in Alzheimer's Disease
Track 21: Genetics of Frontotemporal Lobar Degeneration
Track 22: Innovations in Assistive Technologies for Dementia Patients
Track 23: Impact of Social Isolation on Cognitive Decline
Track 24: Palliative Care in Advanced Dementia: Addressing End-of-Life Needs
Track 25: Collaborative Research Initiatives for Dementia Cure
Track 26: Pharmacological Management of Behavioral Symptoms in Dementia
Track 27: Neurocognitive Effects of Long-Term Medication Use in Seniors
Track 28: Precision Medicine in Dementia: Tailoring Treatments
Track 29: Role of Microbiome in Cognitive Health and Disease
Track 30: Dementia-Friendly Community Design and Outreach
Track 31: Reshaping Public Perception and Stigma Surrounding Dementia
Track 32: Longitudinal Studies on Cognitive Aging and Dementia Risk
Track 33: Legal and Financial Planning for Dementia Patients
Track 34: Impact of Exercise on Cognitive Function in Aging
Track 35: Virtual Reality Applications for Dementia Therapy and Engagement

To Collaborate Scientific Professionals around the World

Conference Date November 26-27, 2024

For Sponsors & Exhibitors

Speaker Opportunity

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